Puppet-Blood-Lighter by Aziz AlSumaiti

I was a puppet that used to be controlled by the community. My smiles are held by the  compliments and the criticism. My voice is sung by the voice of others shaming me. my personality is shaped the way the community  thinks it’s beautiful. my thoughts were deeper than ever. I was allowed to have thoughts that nobody agreed on, At least that’s what I thought.

Recently, I became the puppeteer, so Im burning it. I used the strongest gasoline you could call “my blood”. I used the same lighter I used to light candles with, when I did my satanic rituals. *wink*

now I can’t find the ropes that held me captive. 

now I want to stay in control of my thoughts. My mind is telling me, “don’t use violence towards others, just take it out on yourself.” 

Now I’m not sure who I am without the boundaries that I gave myself. 

Now I’m free, strong, fearless and imaginative.

I can make stupid decisions without someone making them for me. 

I can blame my self and not others 

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