Puppet-Blood-Lighter by Merriam AlFuhaid

The floor is covered
With dust and broken toys
Snapped strings and spare joints
This is the place for you
But you are gone
This is the place for me
To reattach your handle
And make you walk back home 
To give you a lighter, brighter coat of paint
So that once again
There is a smile on your face.
I am searching, love
I wait with open arms
And a strong guiding hand
Ready to ensure
You do not leave again.

I find you from the smell of blood
Rising from the corner, beneath the shelf
Where I find your polka dotted cloth
And tiny leather belt
I find your skull cracked
And a hammer
I remember from a dream
And I remember that you tried to climb the window
After you cut your strings
Almost everything is as we left
But I’m confused about one thing
I never made you a real boy
But puppets do not bleed.

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