Choice by Aziz AlSumaiti

On the right you have the pathway to hell, and on the left is your never-ending boring life.
First, let’s talk about hell. You would think hell is a really bad place, yet it’s not. There’s different versions of hell. It all depends on your desires. 
Now on your way there, you’re going to see portraits of your fantasies. Once you get to the door, you’re going to see me, Satan, welcoming you. I was in your situation way before I got this job, so I’m going to tell you about my own experience. On my way there, I saw portraits of men, food and rainbows. Once I got to the door, Lucifer welcomed me with a big smile, so I smiled back, looking at his gorgeous eyes. We both knew there was something going on. He asked if I wanted a tour which he never offered to anyone, and I replied “sure.” We stared at the unicorns blood bath. Being the slut that I am, I invited him to take a bath with me. What happened next is irrelevant.
After the bath he took me to you stole my heart so I’m going to use your bones as chop sticks section. Last but not least he took me to how to be a snake class. yes, I teach these idiotic pigs how to be snakes. I’m quite good at it.

Falling in love with Lucifer Has a lot of pros and no cons. He restored my heart and i became Saten. On the right is the boring life where you won’t get fucked by Lucifer, I’d rather not talk about it.
Is it unfair not to talk about the other side?
Well fuck off I’m satan I can do that.
So it’s your choice to go left or right.
Where would you go?

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