Choice by T-AlNajjar

This reality is harsh
In a world of kill or be killed I stand on the sidelines of the battles
I take it all in, deep breath
Inhale the sadness and exhale the sorrows
In all of the madness my choice is clear 

I choose to be a part of another reality
Pick up the controller and check out from this one
Enter into
Infinite worlds
Infinite possibilities
And become the hero of their reality

I choose to become a blue blur
Racing at speeds unfathomable
Jumping, barreling, tumbling and turning
To reach my goal

I choose to break out from my routine
To be loved for my versatility
I could be anyone, do anything
One moment I could be behind the wheel, making impossible turns with ease
And leaping over perilous obstacles the next
I’m unpredictable
Keeping you guessing what’s coming next

I choose to traverse across lands far and wide
Walking timidly at first through plains unknown
In search of friends that will fight alongside me
And with their growth I can achieve my dream

I choose to live in their worlds
Where heroes have no boundaries
Where you are in control
If things don’t go the way you want
Press continue after 5, 4, 3

You may think I’m a coward
That I’m running away
But don’t judge

One day all of these choices
Will make me the hero of my own reality
You’ll see

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