Choice by Toby Al-R

When my eyes see you;
They orbit around you like moons to their planet
My tongue orchestrates your name a whimsical chant
My mind goes to limbo
My heart goes pandemonium
My shadow cowers in shyness
And the background turns to a psychedelic mesh 
Your beauty illuminates and eliminates me
It shatters my universe
And swaps it with something nonexistent
Something like how a caterpillar turns to a butterfly
Murky carbon turns to radiant diamond
And just like how stardust can turn to something like you
Your presence accumulates particles of my soul
It eradicates then rejuvenates every part of me
You fill my blank pages with endless folklore
You give precise and detailed explanation
For the purpose of this ambiguous life
When I have you in my arms I start to grow wings
When our lips kiss the whole solar system stops
I want to love you till the end of times
I want to hold you till we turn into a statue
Till nothing else matters but me and you
Over seven billion people and I made you my choice
I just wish that I actually have all these feelings for you.

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