Mask by Toby Al-R

It is possible that others told you; you are beautiful
When you style your hair like that
Or when you match your lip gloss with your jeans
But let me say it my way…
You are beautiful just the way you are
Your lips are bridges leading to oblivion
Your skin is a night sky
Even your scars are nothing but stars
Your eyes… are cosmic maps
Guiding me to this timeless moment
When I gaze into the nothingness of my mind
Under your divine radiance
I am crazy about you
But I will never tell you
Because I discovered that anticipating and waiting…
Is what life is really all about
We are never meant to get what we want
Even when we do, we realize we want something else
And the wait continues…
But I want you and nothing else
You might think I am making no sense
But oh darling, we live inside a nexus crystal
A whimsical sphere, a colorful hell
A dragon egg, with obsidian shell
But I see beyond my eyes
I understand beyond my mind
We are the perfect match
When we are not together
I see you from afar
With your jaguar silhouette
And your hair curling down like spiral stairs
Calling me to take the steps
Let me tell you…
You don’t intimidate me
You fascinate me
I know you don’t like mind games
And neither do I
But you are the ultimate riddle
That I wish not to solve
For may the game never be over
Because you are what I want not to want
But I want you
Am I confusing you now?
I know it is like saying trust me don’t trust me
Which one should you go with?
But you see, the thing is…
The mask I am wearing; is my own skin
So go with what you see.

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