Shadow by Ali Alshammari

More than a cast caused by lighting,
more than a presence that’s always fleeting,
it is the whimsical side of our being that taunts us so,
I once chose to see it as a haunting presence,
now it’s a force I cannot live without, 
though seen as a black void, an entity mishapen and lurking,
it is actually full of color if you’re willing to humor it,
like a stray, naive, hopeful and persistently following,
it will never leave your side,
At times going ahead of you and setting the path,
a path only ever ending at the stop of your desire,
even when perfectly stagnant, it’s always a beacon,
pointing you towards missed opportunities never chased,
opportunities presented as visions of what could have been,
visions and fantasies that are one in the same,
we live vicariously through an extension of ourselves,
we recreate life in our minds but never act on instincts,
Perhaps it is our shadow penning this internal drama?
The extension we internalize but a player in the theater of mind,

J.M Barrie wrote of the boy who quibbled with his shadow,
he lived in a land where many never followed that path,
that boy is lost and there are so many like him,
but he is on his way and that’s all that can be asked,
for him to fly it requires great belief,
and what is belief if not us summoning strength from within?
it is the very same shadow that I once thought taunted me so,
Now wiser and much older, I now know it is my only true friend

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