Shadow by Toby Al-R

They say life is a journey
So I asked; where is the destination?
And after a long pause in utter quietness
I came to the realization…
That the destination is where we are… right now
Life is not a journey
It is nothing but moments
Flickering with the wind like a lazy butterfly 
It is a process of postponing on repeat
None of us know what we are really waiting for
Because we are afraid to know
I pause again in utter quietness
This time with a candle
And I ask myself; when are you going to stop
Enough with these thoughts
Are you trying to find yourself?
Because if you are… let me tell you;
You will never be able to
How can you search for yourself by yourself?
When that implies the absence of the self
Then I heard a voice saying;
Quietness turned you into nothing but a trickster
Using his tricks to soothe the momentary process of life
But the trickster needs to know…
It is impossible to deliberately surprise yourself
And surprises are better soothers
The trickster must find himself another trickster
I listened carefully to my shadow speaking…
After being casted by the candle
So I pressed my thumb and index at the wick
To return back to the utter quietness
I am happy with no sounds
Even happier in the darkness
Path of life is daunting and haunting
The thrill is slowly phasing out
And the silence has woken the sleeping monster
Tsunami of a trillion thoughts
Unmatchable, untamable
The time is ticking
Waves tiding higher
Fire blazing wider
Thunder roaring louder
Planets orbiting faster
Stars blasting novae
And I just close my eyes
As he slowly consumes me
I make sure it is in utter quietness
And absolute darkness
I must endure alone
No one should find me
No one can see me
No I cannot allow anyone to see me
Not even my shadow.

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