Time by Fahd AlSaleh

See some measure time in days and hours. Some measure it in seconds. But what is time? Yes, you can quantify it. Thus, it is a measurement. But what is it made of? a series of moments? responses to actions? A sum of our choices? See, no matter what we do, time is not controllable. Yet everyone strives to control it. Everyone uses planners and calendars to write down their “Appointments” and what not. But in the end times moves on and never stops to wait for anyone. 

I walk these corridors in the middle of the night and see how each and every one of us is affected by time in a different way. I see families mourning their lost, parents celebrating the arrival of their child, the drunk and drugged and unfortunate accident. All are together in the same room at the same time, yet each was affected differently by it.

They say time heals but I always say it can also wound. It is how we perceive our time on this planet that really is the factor in play. Those who are pre-occupied by the notion of control of time are the least in control. In medicine everything is measured by survival rate. In 1, 2, 5, or 10 years up ahead how many are still alive after the treatment. Each country brags about their life expectancy. That we now live to see 80 or 90 and some go past the century. But are we really living? What’s the point of living to see 80 but you cannot walk? Or cannot see? Or you are not aware of those around you?

That’s why I always say it’s about the quality and not the quantity. I can eat disgusting and unpalatable “healthy food” for 80 years or enjoy the greasiest and tastiest burgers for 50? Which do you think I’ll enjoy more? Some love to take the risk, love the adrenalin rush and will go sky diving, scuba diving and other crazy stunts. Yet they don’t mind dying in their 20s or 30s as long as they are doing what they love.
What I am trying to say here is enjoy life to the max. Do what you want to do. Don’t limit yourself. Always keep in your mind that it is all about the quality and not the quant-

I apologise, I kind have went off track here.

Unfortunately, In similar patients such yourself with the same findings. It’s a matter of days maybe a couple of weeks.


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