Time by Aziz AlSumaiti

12:00 AM
I take out my blade and look at the mirror
I admire every non perfection i have.
I touch them and feel every dark spot i let you create on me

12:15 AM
I hold my blade and start cutting through every single thing you complimented.

12:30 AM
I look down as my blood spreads down the floor 

12:45 AM
I start dancing with joy listening to your whispers in my ear
I get too into it and start feeling your hands on my waist
Leading my hips to dance right and left
I danced, lived and loved
I felt
I felt something
Something that wasn’t there
I felt my fingertips dance on your back
I laid my hands and let you take care of them

1:00 AM
So I pull myself into consciousness
I feel my surroundings

1:01 AM
I fall on my knees looking for your hand that always held me up

1:02 AM
I lay down facing the mirror

1:03 AM
I close my eyes and wish I didn’t fall into this deep hole that they call love
Everyone says it’s beautiful once you get there
But all I could feel is my broken bones and my damaged parts.
You promised you would jump right after you pushed me.

1:04 AM
I blush faster and faster until i see flashes of you
Keep my eyes shut just so the image of you stays with me like you never did
We had all these good things but you only focused on the bad ones
You said you loved me
But you only love the way i got on top of you
Oh god damn i loved you

1:05 AM
I shut my eyes clenching my palms harder and harder as my nails stab them
I feel the warm blood wetting my palms
I notice that it’s the same feeling when I held your back as you were kissing every bit of me
I feel the warmth of your body grinding on mine
I start looking back to what we did
And realize that what you did to me was more enjoyable to you.

1:10 AM
Time of death.

1:11 AM
Time of birth.

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