Time by Toby Al-R

We are all dead, living in the past

I shall give you some time to digest

Do you remember that day?
When you crumbled like a sand castle on a windy beach
I did too
Time feeds on our souls
But so long I’m aware of this
I shall live like a king
But even a king can find it difficult 
To impress the Empress
They say time is unstoppable
But I could almost swear
Her eyes slow it down
When she looks directly at me
I want to tell her;
I know what you think you know that I don’t know
But I quickly surrender to her hair
I see cliffs and edges
Horizons of hazel, brown and black
Valleys dropping down
To the depth of the abyss
Once I rest in darkness
Your lips are there to resurrect me
With the melody of your jagged voice
Let me tell you some things about myself;

I slowly fade every second
I’m a euphoric experience
A lasting memory
A visible ghost
A good idea
A dream
A man


But your lips will be there to resurrect me
They will smile as you remember me
And when you read my words
They will giggle in secrecy

Time is a funny matter
It only exists because we recognize it
We gave it attention
We built a stage for it
For the matter of fact is;
Time has no beginning and no end
It neither starts nor stops
Only us; that will perish
So use your eyes to slow the time down
And use your lips to make me immortal.

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