Flesh by Bader Shehab

Her name,
at the edge
of my tongue.
Sixteen fires
in my lung.
Tiring is prior
to a limbo
as she drives me into 
a thunderstorm
of her breath,
condensing into a fog
I’m trying to outrun.
Filth is scarce
it is my howl
bronze plates
suffocate your lace,
around my son…
Cloned into –
a false goddess,
at my tongue.
Her flesh brings me
into the fouls
of strung delving
revved smog of gases
your lucid dreams
onto sixteen tons
of acid,
lost in statics
of a false monk,
at the edge of my tongue,
edge of my.
Kiss the necklace
into my skin,
it lines the abyss
as you sink your planked fades,
the lips I betrayed
below the flames
of your fiery hairlines,
the membranes
right under my flesh,
Tilt me by your bent ribs
cracking free a bird,
in the VI.
A morning of nightly brink…
Then it was the restlessness
in silence of
our last supper,
the amassed bunk
of bodies
the corrosive junk,
the oils that eat you up –
let’s walk upon
the surface
of the sun,
while you –
give birth
to my son!

You’re the
and I’ve only

It’s a thawing in my side,
my demons are in awe –
Bloody hands
broken mirrors,
gnawing headache
at the foot of
a false God;
serenity imminent
at the basking of
Your most beautiful
fleshless flames flowered
in the hollow attic
of my timeless thoughts.
I summon my ghosts
at the strung harness
every trickle of blood
seemed to abridge
the dam of my sins
as it floods my hands –
I’m holding
onto the thorns
of heaven’s overgrown
orchids that surround me.
It was a thawing
right at my side.
Disconnectedness occupies
every facet of my mind…
Children of the damned
have come undone,
silence of my
blood spore,
right at my core.
The prying prismatic
plays probably portrayed
a plug in my mind’s plane
of sudden urges
surrendering to
your luring grins,
I kept sane
at your touches –
the taming
of my seeds
have come undone.
You’re bent at the touch
of my palm that run,
along smothered beiges
of the burning pages
above our
broken glasses,
you should perhaps
shoot my guts out
with a shotgun…

“Would you like to
wake up for some
We’re having meat.”

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