Flesh by Fahd AlSaleh

They lived in harmony. Each had their own task. Did it to perfection. Were granted their needs. Nothing more. Nothing less. When their time came to it’s end they would give off their offspring and peacefully crumbled into non-existence. They existed in the perfect state, grew peacefully and were given the most merciful of deaths. Their world was divided into colonies. Each did a certain task. The colonies would exchange resources according to their needs. No negotiations existed. Everyone knew their role and would do what was expected of them. That was their life from inception to its demise. 

One day, an individual decided not to conform. Consumed more resources than the rest. Started to work for its own needs alone. Did not follow the rules of the world. Gave of their children early and their children followed on their footsteps. They grew and in turn needed more territory. So, they invaded their neighbours. Consumed their resources and when they finished they consumed their flesh. They grew and grew. Took over their entire colony. Then slowly invaded other colonies. They dug up rivers of blood and had mass graveyards exhibiting the dead to instil fear in those who try to defy them. Once they consumed and invaded everything in sight they travelled afar on a journey of destruction. They grew, invaded and consumed. Nothing can ever quench their hunger. They continued until the world ceased to exist.

So…. Yeah… That’s cancer in a nutshell.

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