Flesh by Toby Al-R

You wanna get to know me? You said…
Not much to know, too much to grasp
I am nothing but flesh on bones
A holy man…
That doesn’t believe in afterlife
A double edged knife, if you will 
Butter spreader and metal cutter
I am a fanatic, lunatic and ecstatic
A bit barbaric yet classic
I am…
The bitterness of wine
They say don’t use the word I
I say, I will…
I am a junction of vanity
Insanity and audacity
I am a calamity
A serious man
That doesn’t take life too serious
I count the seconds
I live by the minutes
Never shy, never nervous
Cause I am devious and envious
Overzealous and jealous
I want nothing but I need everything
Second best is not an option
I harvest the silence
I harbor the darkness
I wait… I watch
I am a mystical man
That doesn’t understand the purpose
Of this cosmic game
So I go with the flow
But I am not a dead fish
I dream, I hope, and wish
I give, I thrive, and live
I am a colorless mirror
That reflects all colors
I am the jack of all trades
A thinker, a tinker
And definitely a drinker
A smoker too
But beat my pinkish lips
My lights never eclipse
My brain is a malfunctioned machine
Indecisive but very accurate
I forgot to say;
I like dark chocolate, but I prefer the white ones
I am a soulless man
Because I can’t prove that I have one
You won’t notice me but you will feel my presence
I am a phantom
And very random
Stop trying to decipher me
Stop rotating the Ying Yang
And understand…
I am nothing but flesh on bones.

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