Video Game by Fahd AlSaleh

Player Two

All because of you
I die
I lose my lives
You suck at playing videogames
You make me re-play most levels
Make me backtrack to drag you up ahead
Make games take longer that they should 
You eat all the snacks
Make me spend my in-game money to heal your character
Waste all the items on useless things
You don’t pay attention to what’s happening
Make me explain everything
Never remind me to save my game
So, I need to re-do many objectives
All because of you
The days go by easier
The stress is more bearable
Snacks taste better
All because of you
Backtracking is enjoyable
The thrill is intensified
All because of you
I focus more on the story
Pay attention to details
All because of you
The game is more fun
I do sometimes get gamer rage
Especially when you cover the screen
But despite all that I have, or will, ever say
You will forever remain
In the virtual, and in the real life,
My Player Two

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