Video Game by T-AlNajjar

Paint my world with colours so vibrant
That I cannot help but hold my breath

Lead me on trails of wonder
Searching for truths to fulfil my quest

In a world of endless possibilities
You’ve given me the reins 

For once
I’m finally in control

Hand me my pick of weapons
To seek out my destiny
Give me all the choices
To meet my fate

Comrade or foe
You know not what they are
But your identity is true

I may waver
I may blunder
I may feel misguided
To the point where I’m completely lost

But that’s the beauty, you see
For hours spent
Lost in a dream of your making
Are worthy of mere seconds
Spent in a nightmare of their reality

So let us lose our selves
In the best way possible

Let us lose ourselves
In way where we are ultimately

Game On

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