Video Game by Toby Al-R

I once wrote; first impressions are the most deceiving
Those who don’t know me, tend to think I am a workaholic
A bad boy and a bit alcoholic
The truth is I am just a geek
I spent more than half of my life playing video games
Anyone remember Golden Axe? 
What about Jade Cocoon?
Alright Final Fantasy is a must
I enjoyed fighting Tonberries with their little knives
And breed Chocobos to get the golden one
Age of Empires were the days too
I loved castle drops and cavalry rush
Don’t let relics distract you and slaughter those villagers
Ursa and Gondar were my favorite in Dota
And getting illidan’s shield was the happiest moment in WOW
Having Thrall shouts your name in Orgrimmar…
After getting exalted with Timbermaw was epic too
In hearthstone I got to rank legend in the very first season
And all those hundreds of hours hunting a rainbow goblin
To get the cosmic wings for Diablo’s cosmetics
The list of games I played could go on and on and on
But recently I’ve been really enjoying this game
Dialogues have butterfly effect
And every decision taken; changes the whole story line
The map is so vast to explore it all
And the difficulty changes by itself while playing
Although; once your character dies, the game is over
There won’t be a continue or a restart button
But you can play many mini games within the game
Like the thrill of love and all the ones I mentioned above
That it is right, the best game is life itself.

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