Scar by Bader Shehab

Wish I knew,
what is it about me
that keeps you away.
Is it the way
I grab the doorknob?
The way I floor my car,

or the way
I drink beer
at the bar.
Maybe my tear
when we were apart.
Or my solitude,
like a Texas lone star.
I can’t figure me out
when I’m in the dark,
– all lost without a spark,
But, I’ll still floor my car
in absence of dense air.
You were my air,
I’m just a dried –
downed tree bark…
When you scratched
your index finger’s nail,
on my arm as we held,
you left a mark…

One thought on “Scar by Bader Shehab

  1. This reminded me of how sometimes even words on papers leave scars. How someone can feel the scars someone else is feeling just by reading what they wrote. I can relate to the sadness in this one. Only the sadness.

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