Scar by Toby Al-R

It’s been awhile since I complained
I’ve been holding my composure
I’ve been encapsulating my feelings
The lava slowly started to crack my skin
I am tired of people
Of their inconsistency
Of their lack of basics
Whatever happened to authenticity? 
But life will keep going
I will continue to stare at the ceiling
When I lay down in the dark
I will see shadows swirling in the corners
And your face coming down at me
Like an avalanche of suffocation
I will close my eyes and enter my realm
My haven, my hideout and salvation
I learned not to have expectations
I desire not to desire any more
But it is a cycle
With no beginning and no end
Let me drown in my imaginations
If only I can hold your hand
And lead you to step in with me
I will show you waterfalls of grey mist
And seas of black ink
We will lean against an oak tree
And watch the fractured leaves dance
I will squeeze my hand against yours
And channel to you my heart beats
The sky will turn purplish green
And the moon will shine red
Stars will fall; dragging the sky with them
I will tell you not to be afraid
I’ve been here before
I know what is coming
It will be a rapture
Just close your eyes
The sky will collapse down
The ground will reverse
This special liquid like feeling
We are now in a bubble
In the center of this sphere
Here is where I am at peace
One with myself
I’ve always wanted…
To have this same feeling
But with someone else with me
Let alone that someone being you
Open your eyes and see me
I live inside your eyeball
Naked and radiant
You may call it a soul
I prefer you just call it…
And the light will tell you
All about my surrender
To your smoldering eyes
To your fiery energy
To your blue lips
And dark night skin
It can read your thoughts
A floating symphony
It can harness your emotions
Without you even knowing
And at the end of this trip
It will ask of you one thing
If you must reject it
Please carve on the side of my chest…
The deepest scar you can make
So whenever I reenter my realm
I can have you with me forever.

One thought on “Scar by Toby Al-R

  1. I will squeeze my hand against yours
    And channel to you my heart beats

    My favourite lines..liked the feeling and imagery it gave me.

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