Superpower by Ali Alshammari

Two lions clashing under the guise of cat and mouse,
Occasions where you thought you had me, I’d always find an out,
Sabotaging my schemes, thinking their failure was miscalculation,
Leaving you bread crumbs, ins and faults of my own creation,
A rational person I am not, foolproof isn’t in the cards,
The thrill of the chase is what I long for and the reason I’m scarred, 
We’ve been at each other’s throats for years and you never seem to end it,
You’re just as fucked up as I am yet I’m the one who’s demented,
I used to sit behind bars giddy as a child, knowing I’ll let you have it,
Whether it’s near a collapsed building or something more elaborate,
The material side of it all only icing, I’m of a different breed,
Masochistic’s the word for it, letting my inhibitions run free
Now I eye the city amidst ruin with visions of hellfire almost raining,
Your absence ongoing and my lust for chaos waning,
Maybe the hurt I inflicted on you is a pain from which you can’t return?
I can’t show my victims, of my name they must learn,
You put on your mask and I put on mine,
We are a moral coin toss on opposing sides of a dime,
You’re gone now. I don’t care, rest assured,
The things we tell ourselves, a meaningless sequence of words,
You’re nothing but a mutt to me, but how fun was our dynamic?
A hero, a villain, complete with all the bells, whistles and magic,
Damaged goods made for each other and I miss you all the more,
You complete me, you bastard, and now I know what I hate you for.

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