Superpower by Fahd AlSaleh

I can’t remember what happened. I can’t remember who I am. Where I was. Nor where I am now. All that I know it is dark. Pitch black darkness. I have my eyes wide open, yet I see nothing. Not even my own hands. I try to take a step, but my feet are stuck under some kind of mud.
I wiggle them out and slowly start walking with hands held as far front as I can. The only thing I feel is the squishes of my feet. Nothing else. I continue onwards not knowing where my path is leading me. Suddenly, Something ever so faint brushed against the tip of my fingers. 
I freeze. My heart skipped a beat or two. Then I feel it again but now on my arm, then face. It was wet. It started to rain. I continue walking. I try to hurry to my unknown destination because my feet are getting tired as the mud is getting heavier. My steps become closer and closer together, my breath becomes shallower, and my heart starts beating erratically. I stop. Try to rest for a bit. I feel my feet sinking deeper and deeper into the mud, but I am too exhausted to do anything about it. I look up and open my mouth trying to funnel some of that rain into my throat.
The lighting shined the sky, all that I could see are some clouds and the rain pouring down on me. The thunder that followed was deafening. I lower my head and start looking around waiting for the next lighting to come so I can see where I am. The lighting struck again. I see trees up ahead. Otherwise just a big emptiness. A shadow caught my peripheral vision. I turned and focus. I wait for the next exposure. It comes and see the shadow moving.
I wait again. The shadow is now moving faster. Towards me. I panic and start to un-dig myself from this mud. The next lightnings keep on shining and the thunders keep on coming. With every strike I look up to see this shadow. And with every strike it gets clearer and clearer. It is no shadow. It’s a creature. A monster. So hideous it cannot be described. It’s massive and moved on all four limbs. As it approaches its fangs become more visible. It’s seems to be smiling. Is it because it found a meal? I manage to release myself and turn the other way and started to run. I run and run and run. Despite all of this running every time the lighting strikes and I look back I see it getting closer and closer. In front of me I see the vague outline of a forest. So, I run faster. Finally, I reach it and go inside. The lighting strikes so I look back. I see the monster behind the trees running at full speed. Getting bigger with every illumination. As the darkness roll down on us I pick a tree and slowly hide underneath it among its roots.
Darkness persists a little longer this time. The rain had stopped, with it the light. Silence lingered for a moment. Then the loudest thunder screeched. But there was no lighting? Then the footsteps became audible and now I realize. This is no thunder. It was the beast’s roar. I try to bury myself more into the ground between the roots. But the footsteps get louder and closer. I try to make a small cave with my hands but break a root by mistake. That’s when everything came to a momentary pause after which the roar was heard again. Then the beast started running. Getting closer and closer with every step. I stand and run. Hitting trees as I go. Don’t know if I am running away or towards it. I just run. Run. Run. Run. Until my feet can’t hold me up. Until my lungs cannot breathe. Until my heart barely keeps me conscious. I drop down on all four and just surrender. For I cannot out run the monster. Then rain drops again and with it comes the lighting. The first came while I looked down on the ground but there was no mistake. The shadow was covering me. With the next one I look up. I finally see it with detail. The bringer of my end. Of my demise. The beast that it’ll deliver my death. It’s smiles at me. The happiest and most evil of smiles. It seems to be savouring the moment. Taking pride with watching me tremble at its feet.
All that I could ever do was scream. So, I cried the loudest cry I could belch out. Then suddenly the creature was gone. Darkness became light. Warmth started to flood in. I then feel it on my shoulder. The gentle hand touching me. I feel the radiant energy flowing right though me. Everything then calms down. I slowly open my eyes and see her pretty face. Her smile brightens up the entire room. I rub my eyes and slowly rise. The gentle touch then suddenly changes into a tight hug that made the fear depart. I reciprocate the embrace.
She held me by the hand and guides me. I know this place. It is home. I walk the familiar hallway. I feel at ease. For I know it is safe here with her. We reach the kitchen and I see that she already poured the juice. I take my seat and start sipping the cold nectar. I fixate on her glowing presence while she prepared the breakfast. I clear my throat and blurt out the words.
“Mama! Are you a superhewo?”
“Heh, why do you say that honey?”
“Cuz you made da monster go away”

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