Superpower by Kholoud Hussain


Home was a far-fetched dream before you stumbled upon my doors, with a smile plastered on your face
It was then when my heart whispered echoes of sweet honey and soft melodies
A kindle of hope lit in the pits of the darkness inside of me as your voice resonated in a stirring giggle
Your eyes glistened in excitement as you talked about the cosmos and the mystical beings
Superpowers beyond imagination bestowed through the utters in a soul so serene
You were a phoenix whose fire never burned out, whose glee radiated happiness to those around
Your feathers always seemed to be above me, shielding me, protecting me from what can’t be foreseen
And for that, my friend, I shall forever be grateful
For when our two hearts diverged along the way, choosing you made it all worth the wait


Alas, Great King! Thy maiden’s ashes adorn the realm of Mors
And the truce once made, now broken, shall rattle on our doors
Alas, Great King! What has come to befall upon the land of gods?
If thou shall gaze hither, one shall find not truth, but lies
Therefore, let not the master of fate fool a mighty king like thee
For beyond this besieged land looms but a great destiny
It matters not what was of you but what shall become
When the witchcraft the prophet foresaw within strums
They speak of legends and ‘superpowers’ one can claim
Not as their own, but for all, if one’s heart was pure as gold
For the lucid lure of power abates the beauty one’s heart beholds
And thou not be a perfect solider, but will forever be a good man
All hail the Great King!

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