Superpower by T-AlNajjar

Narrow shoulders
Easily carrying the weight of the world

Hazel eyes
With the power to bare into my soul

Thin lips
Speaking words that melt away my woes 

You’ve conquered battles
The likeness of which the world has not seen

Held your ground
And selflessly put others before your needs

Love so infinite
Strength so limitless
Wisdom beyond all ages

You see, not all superpowers are fictional

You see, not all superheroes wear capes

But mama
You still have yours on
I see it wearing you down

I see the silent tears you shed
Forcefully burying them away

I see you put on a smile
Just so that we can keep ours

You’ve raised us all to be kings and queens
But you step away from the throne you deserve

It’s time we held you in our arms
It’s time we protected you

It’s time we wore your cape

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