Superpower by Toby Al-R

Articulated mystery
Comes with…
Majestic spiral horns
And luminescent eyes
The color of emerald
With bladed eyebrows
The shape of crescents 

Daring and challenging
Lofty wings…
When widened they cover the sun
And their shadow devours the ground
Their joints have venomous talons
Carried by armored shoulders
And paws with razor claws
Driven under a devilish smile
By a hell gate of a mouth
With treacherous fangs
All sharp enough to cut the thin air
A magnificent beast…
With furs and scales
Gilded with jewelry
Fortunes, riches and treasury
When it gazes, it stops the time
Emitting a shiver of mesmerization
When it breathes…
It releases psychedelic fumes
And when it speaks
It pierces through every eardrum
Sending the place into a quarantine of silence
A complete surrender
Under a single wave of vibration
Everyone must listen
To nothing but its presence
As it unfolds the skies
And swaps the planets
Bringing reveries of cold and fire
A dominator, came to conqueror
With unfathomable magnitude of super powers
You may choose to call it a monster
I prefer to call it love.

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