Dream by Bader Shehab

This one time my friend Anas and I were hanging out and we decided to try this new Pizzeria place that just opened. I remember ordering a mushroom and margarita, we had it and it was great – so great in fact that we ordered another pie and by the time we were done with that one we were full, stuffed! We then went to the arcade played some games and we both called it a night it was too late to do anything else anyways. But, I remember going home and feeling something funny in my tummy – it was a little bit of an ache followed by dizziness. I tried some herbal tea because I thought it might just be indigestion, but it didn’t do anything. But soon after the tummy pain subsided I felt the dizziness get stronger – and more “spinney”. My head was spinning in circles and I tried sitting on my bed, but I couldn’t find it because the whole floor was going around me in circles. My tongue got heavy couldn’t utter a thing and then I just passed out on my bed – everything went dark… 

For a while, I thought I could see nothingness… but I knew I was asleep, it was just absolute nothingness in a void – like I was suspended in space. It was like an empty dream, but I started thinking; I thought of going forward and backwards, while I’m suspended in vacuum. As simple as using my mind I began moving forward, I thought I’d think of a color for some reason and my favorite color is purple. Suddenly, everything turned purple and a shade of violet hue, it was breathtakingly beautiful and bright! Like a show of Northern lights, an aurora. Except I quickly realized that I was in complete control of everything. This is the most eccentric dream ever – was my first thought. But it was about to get even more eccentric, the juices flowing in my sleepy brain from the pizza sauce were starting to really kick in. I dreamt that I was discovering new colors from the purple I just created, I managed to move them with my fingertips. They seemed like many lightyears away, yet I touched them it was very psychedelic and beautiful at the same time. But just as I got used to painting my own universe like Bob Ross would have dreamed of, I heard a familiar voice calling for me: “Hey Bader! Hey, over here!”

I turned around scared and excited at once – and sure enough it was my friend Anas who was with me at the pizzeria. He was floating down from his own universe and riding what appeared to be a unicorn, he was holding on for dear life as he accelerated towards me. I immediately started laughing and ignored him as just another deep conscience of my mind that’s better left ignored. “Hey man, I’m still here you know, hey, stop painting. What are you doing?” Anas got closer to me and curiously admired my work of random art. I decided to think of removing him from my dream – since this is a dream I can control, but the annoying rascal was still there, interrupting my dream! When he grabbed my shoulder and pulled me away from my cosmological canvas I knew he was serious and I also knew that I have lost control over this dream, it has probably gotten real – a lot more real than I anticipated.
Anas punched me in the arm lightly and I felt the slight strike; “Hey!” I responded. “Wait, you’re not supposed to feel pain in a dream, right?”

“How am I supposed to know?” Anas replied with equal confusion.
“So, you’re really – REALLY – here? What…” I was perplexed.
“Oh yeah, I found you almost as soon as I fell asleep – you were somewhere far from me, but I could like see purple sunshine and the sky was all weird but pretty. I built a castle and a fleet of cavalry in my universe. This is the best you can do; a rendition of Prince’s Purple Rain? Haha!” His explanation made some sense, but I still had questions: is he still asleep or did he get in my dream? Or, did I get in his dream? “Oh man – this is so trippy!” was my first response as I floated away clutching both sides of my cranium.

I started floating away faster and faster, I quickly felt sick to my stomach as I ascended higher and higher – I was accelerating so fast that the purple canvases I created began to loop in a warp, a straw, or a wormhole of some sort. And, I was in the middle of it… I then noticed Anas riding his unicorn chasing after me, I was scared, sick, and nervous. This in-dream nervous breakdown made me want to wake up and end it all! “Hey man, where are you going? Stop – stop!” Anas tried to get my attention, but I was accelerating into space ever so faster – I noticed; the more I thought of waking up the faster I projected into empty space. I tried to calm my nerves, closed my eyes and I immediately slowed to an instant stop. I was too scared to open my eyes afraid of the randomness that awaits me, but I felt the warm sun rays, I placed my hands down and I could feel grass. I opened my eyes and the most beautiful plain overtook my blurry vision, a large stone castle sat at the foothills overlooking a large teal pond – “what is this, Scotland?” was my first response.
“No, even better, Narnia.” Anas replied smiling cheek to cheek as he dismounted the unicorn.
“What? I never knew you’re a Narnia fan, haha.” I replied laughing.
“Shut up. Come I wanna show you something.” Anas walked me over to his castle and a large magnificent gate opened, revealing not the inside of a structure – but a land, magical place that almost glowed beyond my eye’s reach and what I can perceive! It was astounding. It was all too real, the air, the creatures, the world he envisioned – all came true before his eyes, and mine. But, the scary thing is that he was treating it like it’s all normal… I couldn’t sit and dwell too much on what is real or not anymore, I just went with whatever I saw and felt.

Many years have passed with much glory, we became double monarchs with equal power and commanding a fleet of dragons who were bathed by the common peasants after our grand battles. I had lions for dukes, horses for financial ministries, and flamingo legs for dinner. Anas, more or less the same – we created and envisioned villainous enemies with exotic features and they too with their own thriving and flourishing civilizations only for us to overtake for ourselves and grow even more powerful. After many skirmishes, battles, feasts, and all the glory that we were to leave behind and be remembered for… I grew ill and tired. The giraffe doctors didn’t know what it was and can only advise me to rest and that’s what I did. But, one night after I wedded the princess from some stupid land we conquered. I stumbled at the leg of my grand galactic bed, my newlywed elf came to help but I told her I’ll be fine – I began to really wonder why I’m falling ill like this; in a dream nonetheless. But then I realized that I’m missing somethings or someone even after all of this success in my civilizations. That’s when I sat and wondered how my mom was doing. Then I remembered I had homework to finish and laundry to pick up. I missed many things back home, Earth, and I’m going to sue the shit out of that pizzeria for drugging us. But, only after I torch it with my dragon.

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