Dream by Fahd AlSaleh

They tell me she is poison
Yet I feel she’s my elixir
She’ll be your demise
Yet with her I feel complete
She’ll take you into darkness
Yet her smile is brighter than the sun

She’ll bring you shame
She’s used
She’s different
She’s wrong
She’s weird
She’s a psycho
She’s lives far away
You should cut her off
Ignore her
Wean her away
Take her out of your life
But why do I want to be a part of hers?
I sit here confused
Not knowing what to do
I close my crying eyes to avoid their stares
I cover my ears to muffle their screams
I slowly crumble and tumble
And all that I can do is dream

2 thoughts on “Dream by Fahd AlSaleh

  1. “And all that I can do is dream”
    This line hit me so deep. I relate..I relate so freaking hard it hurts. Thank you for this peace, Fahad! Bravo!

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