Dream by Toby Al-R

A day will come…
Where all your fears will turn to nothing but dust
You will abandon the battlefield
Drop your sword and shield
Wipe those tribal paints
Crash on your knees
And just surrender
Because when love comes
It doesn’t knock your door gently
It smashes it down
Numbs your rationality
And ignites your rascality
You will feel a sense of danger
As you submerge in a pool of peace
You will try drowning for the first time
And surprisingly it will feel comfortable
It is a forbidden ritual and it is called;
The resurrection of the living
The awakening of the real you
It will carelessly scratch everything you built
In a flash of an instance;
Those granite pillars will crumble
The ruby embedded tiles will crack
And your golden dome will melt
The exalted castle will disappear
Like a feather wobbling away with the wind
Replacing it with…
Something you don’t know how to describe
You yet need to investigate it
Discover, explore and wonder
Indulge, satiate and satisfy
Your hungry eyes and starving soul
Take the spiral fall
It helps if you don’t resist
Soon enough you will be a cadaver
Just like your exalted castle
A day will come…
When you will realize it is all momentary
So embrace it all
Life is nothing but a dream
It all started unwillingly
And you might wake up any moment.

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