Jetlag by T-AlNajjar

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder
But this distance is tearing me apart

People travel to discover
To broaden their horizons

But I’ve gone across oceans
Because it brings me closer to you

Numerous days spent in transit
Boarding planes and waiting at gates
Passing hordes with gaunt faces
Longing for the one I call my home

Sleepless nights
Timeless memories
Yearning bodies
Restless lethargy

Distance makes the heart grow fonder
But I don’t know if it’s possible to grow anymore fonder of you

One thought on “Jetlag by T-AlNajjar

  1. It might make the heart grow fonder…but makes the pain unbearable..and when nostalgia attacks you without any beforehand warning, you find yourself in a pool of the tears of your memories…💔
    I liked this, because I partially relate…

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