Warmth by Ali Alshammari

Half my face in light, the other omitted at darkness’ behest,
casting a shadow on my soul somewhere between heaven’s divide,
you wash away my sins in pure crimson horror,
the contrast between your titanic presence and my subtle being,
I hide in plain sight while you’re visible to all yet unseen when you want to be,

to give into you now would be pointless because I’ve been yours from the beginning,
to know a secret of a falling star makes me far from celestial,
I ricochet around your pull like a mamba of gravitational forces,
maybe a tour of the galaxy isn’t so bad when it’s on your coat tails,
I’ve always been a pale imitator, spinning and twirling for greater millenia,
failed attempts at seeking your attention while in awe of your slow calculation,
solar describes your energy when really I believe it describes a soul,
one that keeps us alive and thriving, something I’ll never understand,
the concept of unconditional love among the asteroids,
the one of mother earth and sun.

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