Inspirations: Painting by Haseeb Sange

Long ago in a distant land lived two communities,
One believed in the power of the pen,
While the other in the power of the brush
The painters painted all day
And the writers wrote their lives away
But after a long term of peace, war found it’s way,
Just as it always does, it creeped up on them one day

The bells had been rung, and the children sent to bed,
The battle was forthcoming in the long night ahead
The writers carried their mighty pens as weapons
While the painters marched forward with their brushes
They marched towards each other, scared but determined
As a wolf howled in the distant night, yet none of them blinked

They stood in front each other, with a few yards in between,
Staring at each other with utter hate and contempt,
“A word can paint a thousand pictures” screamed the writers,
“But a picture is worth a thousand words” screamed back the painters,
The writers expected this banter, as they were cunning,
“Well then your mums picture must be worth a million words,
Because that’s how fat she is” they screamed in unison

The painters gasped as they heard those words,
The writers had gone too far, those nerds!
“Shakespeare is overrated” they screamed loud and proud,
And now it was the writers turn to gasp
As they couldn’t believe that the painters had gone that far

Thus they charged towards each other screaming and shouting,
In the name of Picasso and in the name of Tolkien,
But just as they were about to clash in the dawn of day,
At that precise moment the sun came up illuminating the stark battlefield,
And the beauty of it made both of them stand still and yield

Are we not better than this?
Why can’t we both just coexist?
The world is filled with more than enough marvels
For both of us to share, fair and impartial

And thus they decided to sign a treaty,
A treaty that would ensure peace and prosperity,
And this treaty was not signed with a pen or a brush,
But with the mighty pencil, sent from the heavens above,
Something for the writers to paint with,
And something for the painters to write with,
Because unlike the might of the brushes and pens,
A mistake made by a pencil could easily be cleansed.


Relief of the Light Brigade by Richard Caton Woodville

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  1. OMG! This is beyond CREATIVE! I loved every single line in it. Standing ovation from a fellow artist and writer. Well done Haseeb! VERY very well done! Keep creating!

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