Inspirations: Painting by Fahd AlSaleh

Through those
Beautiful eyes
I can see
Someone who has lived
who has loved, who gave everything
Yet they were betrayed and stabbed
I can see someone who at a moment
of pain and sadness
When everyone around was weak
was told to harden, to become a pillar
I see someone who has a wealth
of poems, songs and speeches
to say yet as these
words trickle her tongue
There seems to be
No breath to push
them out to the world
All that I see is
Fear of the past repeating itself
To be left all alone once again
I see brick walls and steel doors
I can see armour protecting her chest
And a shield covering her sights
Separating her from living
Because if she doesn’t live
She can’t get new wounds
She can’t get hurt
I know what I am
Asking for is a lot
But all that I want is for you
To put down that shield
Relieve your shoulders
From the weight of that armour
To open those steel doors
To let me in
To give me a chance
and I promise you
To take care of you always
Listen to everything on your mind
Tend to your wounds, old and new
And maybe someday
I’ll be able to see
Through those
Beautiful eyes


Eyes by Marion Bolognesi

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