Inspirations: Painting by Toby Al-R

Today I wear my holy hollowed halo from hell
And I say hello
I have managed to break through
The hard shell has induced in softness
The indoctrinating veil has shaken in panic
I cross over with a different mind and views
Through thorough thoughts… though
To be able to step on the other side
What is commonly known as heaven
Is to be able to see what your mind sees
When it makes you see what you are supposed to see
Soon you will realize you are not the only one
The previous ones are watching
They are always surprised of new arrivals
It is never a common thing
They will recite to you your results
Everything you used to truly open your mind
Is all taken away from the planet
You will watch it bleed
As it gives birth to the new you
You will wander solo
And wonder so low
Only to come to the conclusion
Even heaven is nothing but a desert
At least angels won’t fool you
Illusions won’t trick you
You are now invisible and invincible
Your wishing well has dried out
And transformed into a grave hole
All of that isn’t necessarily a grim thing
Happiness is found in understanding despair
Life has never been fair
And it will never ever be
My words are not set on stones
But I am no fuckin’ storyteller
Watch me carve those stones
And write my own histor


Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man by Salvador Dali

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