Sycophant by Fahd AlSaleh


I know
You have been tricked
You have been lied to
You have been given false promises
You have been stabbed
You have been abused
You have been lost
You have been left alone
You have been through so much pain
I know
They had eyes
That knew how to look
They had nice smiles
With pretty teeth
They had tongues that
Knew what to say
They had hands that
Knew where to touch
I know
Those sycophants
Got into your mind
And now you are scared
Scared that I might
Be one, the same
Another trickster
Another bootlicker
A false prophet
Preaching false words
But what
I also
Know is
My world was grey
But now I see colours
I used to hear noises
But now I listen to music
Air was bland and odourless
But now I smell the perfume
The days were bitter
But now I taste the sweetness
My fingers were numb
But now I can feel the warmth
My heart was empty
But now I have you
All that I know
Is that my love for you
Is as genuine and as pure
As love can be
That you are all that I see
My everything
I hope
That you
Know that too

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