Sycophant by Hawra’a Khalfan

Slipping and slithering
Smiling in gratitude to
her addiction to
being incomparable.
With every
sway swelter
up down
or tremble:
she succeeded.

With every clamp graze
twitch or clutch:
she did it.
With every slip, break, hug, smile
she put between us:
She maliciously moved
Beyond my
love loyalty
care and warmth.
leaving me
feeling lucky to have her.
Leaving me fighting
to keep her.

As a last effort
to keep her happy:
cradling her chilled skin in my arms,
She finally darted the skies she lusted for
while I carried her
boneless spirals,
with all the might I could muster,
impelling my wings to carry us both.

With that I became expendable.

I had now used up all I can offer,
she turned to kiss me goodbye,
and with the two small
cuts she forced in my skin:
I crashed; unable to see
I was numbed; unable to feel neither
my broken heart beating or
the wound bleeding.
I came close
to my last breath,
with my blurry vision fixated
on her betrayal.
I ceased to be,
to the sound of her
cheerful rattles
sitting in patience,
watching me burn.

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