Accessory by Bader Shehab

Blue lagoon,
in the dew hours.
Glare of your eyes,
at the sunrise –
your palm,
takes me
by surprise…
Humid drip
from palm leaves,
coconut oil
dries with the breeze.

Your bronze
and golden
Goddess-like skin,
makes me lose touch
with my kin.
on your open pores,
it glimmers naturally
as sunlight showers,
and grenadine pours.
You said your origin;
were white and Moors.
testament once again,
to your Scotch-dyed body,
and the lips
that taste like sweet Brandy.
You’re a breathing mechanism
of my happiness and evanescence.
Accessory at once
of my love and doom.
Your depth
is my shallow reach,
or is it the reflection of my face,
on your tanned skin
on a beach chair?
It may be the residual fluid
on your Michael Kors.
Your wrists soaking
in saltwater and tequila.
With you
everything is priceless,
even the oceanfront blue villa,
I could see the whole world
in the reflection of your eyes,
and if I could spell the future
in this multiverse of a world.
I’ll freeze this one
and make an apocalypse out of it all,
just to share this moment with you again.

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