Accessory by Dr. Farah Naqvi

I am not my diamond solitaire
I am not the precious jewels I wear
I am not the silk gown I wear
I am not the brands that adorn me
My title or properties don’t define me

I am a mere body with a humane soul
A collection of short stories
Few happy and sad memories
Emotions are my true accessories
They make me what I am
They Don’t change with fashion nor do they lie

I am someone who needs, who loves, who sees
Who has many fears still dares to dream
I am perfect because of my imperfections
For they make me unique

I am an abstract poem for you to understand
If you look beyond my name, gender, religion or land
I am like a lantern with fire in the belly
With a desire to light the world
Where love fills all the valleys

I am not defined by my relations
I can disperse colors like a prism
If the light of your soul meets mine
Without any preconceived isms

Inflated egos, expensive attires and smiles that are fake
A place where being yourself is at stake
Overflowing sweetness, hidden envy
People gauging self-worth, by looking at a mere accessory
Stifles my soul and makes me freeze
It steals away my inner peace

The echoes of party music have finally ceased
Amidst the scent of lingering perfumes, what is left is me
The chandeliers look bright, the huge sparkling mirrors don’t lie
My reflection is before me, she is happy to see me

A genuine smile, a content soul
A simple story with few magical moments
That completes me and make me whole

Yes, I am a woman who has risen above adversities
Whose self-confidence is her best accessory
I am a fighter, a survivor and a winner
Can you just promise to not judge a book by its cover?

Poem dedicated to all women warriors!

5 thoughts on “Accessory by Dr. Farah Naqvi

  1. Nice and extraordinary…..One can well understand what you actually are……You are a winner for battles to come….You are a proud daughter, proud sister and mother, a proud wife too for your close ones…You are a proud follower too for your faith…..Aren’t you??

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