Corruption by Ali Alshammari

Your Ouija-board feel and your venomous touch,

I miss your corruption and simultaneously swerve into the fray,

you take over and I lose all ability to reason,

I haven’t seen life through a rose-tint in quite some time,

but when I’m destructive with you it only makes sense,

finding order in the chaos,

bodies touching in a form of symbiosis,

sometimes I wish we’d become one so I could rid myself of this lonesome coil,

but I keep these thoughts to myself because you thrive on the unknown,

not knowing my feelings of adoration and lust,

feelings that would offset your preferred existence in the blackness of morality,

not telling you of my longing is a corrosion,

a corrosion of the fiber of my being,

I look inwards and see red,

I look outwards and the shadow you cast is of a similar shade,

hell on earth wrapped in a crimson bow tie.

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