Corruption by Shereen Abdelqader

I never knew sadness could take hold of a heart so tightly.
Didnt know it could clutch to it
Sinking its talons deep inside
Never knew a heart could feel so heavy
So swollen and bruised
Never felt like it could ooze out with poison before
I never experienced this kind of longing
The kind that could cause your brittle heart to want to claw its way out of its cage

Out of my chest
And seek where it belongs
To seek the last place it knew comfort
To seek her
I didn’t fathom a numb heart
Was a heart that was so damaged
It lost sense
Didn’t realize a heart could stop with the stop of another
I didn’t know that sadness would find creases between arteries and veins
To collect there
Convincing me those were patches of healing when they were build-up
Turning my heart into an inactive volcano that warns to errupt at me
And it had errupted on me
The lava spilling out of my eyes woke me from sleep
It spilled and it spilled and it spilled
It got everywhere
I could not contain it
I feared it reaching others around me
Feared it alerting them
But there was no stopping this flowing stream
It reached my mother
The tips of her fingers charred where fire had licked her hands that sought to soothe me
I tried to stop it, to contain it
To swallow it back
The magma bubbling within me in fury
This treacherous being leaks
drips poison
Corrupts all it reaches
This treacherous being that resides in my chest cannot be handled
It’ll lure you in
Wanting to engulf you
It’ll burn and scorch all who try to reach for it
Will not submit
Do not try to tame it, it is beyond futile
This heart I cannot handle
It wants to engulf me whole
It wants to be burn me down
It is eating me up alive

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