Sun/Moon by Ali Alshammari

Let me exist in a diluted moral spectrum where you can’t tell black from white,
let these thoughts meander and fester while I try to go to sleep at night,
2 am thoughts turn into daytime begrudging,
I thought I shed this feeling hours ago but I’m usually wrong in how I judge things,
conditioned to introversion like a canine to Pavlov,

I mentally shrink down to Alice proportions and b-line in cloud smoke,
my destination is serenity by means of surrender,
it’s as though Yin and Yang walked into a bar and they met at the center,
most people are able to do drown out their own thoughts in a crowded space,
but I find the most talking gets done when I’m alone in my happy place,
in bed I think about the never-ending cycle,
self-awareness is scarier than blaming others because its mean you’re the one who’s liable,
voices like hands cover me and smother me in a mosh pit of my own projection,
it’s strange how all I do is contemplate yet I can’t stand my own reflection.

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