Sun/Moon by Amira Sheikh

“It’s hideous from up close”, “It’s a giant silver blob of dust”, “Like an orb of alloy”.
But it was just as beautiful as I imagined it to be.
The shimmering halo was closer to me than ever, gleaming in that pitch black, lonely sky. I could count the infamous and giant craters, surrounded by thousands of tinier ones, with their rims raised high, creating concave hollow pits. That’s where I was going to be standing tall in a few minutes, holding the flag up high while my country watches me with pride. This must be the euphoria that they keep talking about. Few minutes and I will be living my life long dream.
A loud bang struck and so did I into reality.

“Houston, we have a problem.”
I faced the longest U-turn of my life. A disheartening U-turn where you almost touch your destination and head back home.
Apollo 13 was a successful failure because we lived to tell the tale, the tale of how 3 astronauts never made it to the moon.

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