Sun/Moon by Shereen Abdelqader

I remember the first time we shook hands
My palms came back covered in moon dust
And something within my soul reached for you
Something within me recognized the familairty
The serenity
Like ancient pieces fitting back together after centuries of being apart
The red thread around my pinky felt like it hung loose and short
No longer being pulled tight by distance
And when you first called me sunshine
I thought you recognized it too

My mother, a force of warmth, always heated and passionate
My dad, cool and collected, half of him always hidden amongst the dark
I thought that’s what love was supposed to mean
I thought you were it
You quickly became a source of obsession
Thinking I was the the only one who saw you
All of you
And I wanted to shine light on you
Let others witness it too
Jumped out of my way to be around you
Despite all the forces that felt to pull us apart
It was too hard to coexist sometimes
Life always coming in the way
Always separated
Always just missing you
Your refusal to let me in
Past the darkness
Refusing to share your secrets you kept so well hid
Everyone else getting to be in your presence, but myself
It was draining, my own light dimming
I couldnt keep us both illuminated
All my energy invested in you
I was burning away while you kept your cool and distance
Until I woke up from my reverie
Snapped into reality when I noticed the earth you were orbiting around
Your center
Snapped out of my delusions
The hell with moons anyways, there are other stars in the the galaxy

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