Addiction/Decay by Ali Alshammari

You were so beautiful, I just couldn’t see it,
a vision in a low-cut top doing god know’s what off of the bathroom sink,
you were always too cool for me,
funnily enough, it wasn’t I who shot out of my league,
you came down to my lowly plain like rainwater setting my inhibitions free,
your inhibitions, however, were a little too unshackled I’d come to find,
I’d accompany you wherever you went,
back alley to basement rave,
cheaply lit caravan-side parties with the dubious sort to bathroom floors that were the opposite of sterile
floors on which I would puke if I wasn’t the one holding your hair back,
“My god, you sound like a total square”, is what you’d say to me,
words spoken so calmly from a visage as pure as the substances in front of us,
I don’t think the expression “say when” applied to you,
a gateway drug is what you were to me,
and if drugs were a gateway you’d be their keeper,
you got me to try a thing or three,
it’s like riding a bike except when you fall off it’s on to a 101 Dalmatian plush toy playing Lou Bega covers,
“The Black Eyed Peas had a line for this”, I’d think as I came back to down to planet you,
“If you smoke, I’ll smoke too. That’s how much I’m in love with you”, I believe,
If a relationship has got you quoting lines, I think it’s best to call it quits,
and come to think of it, he never clarified what he was smoking; it could of been crack or it could’ve been Italian Vogues,
you got me to go off on fun tangents and laugh at the bleakness of it all,
passed out in a Metallica t-shirt with dried saliva never looked so good as it does on you,
I looked around and felt an impending sense of loneliness,
loneliness for me and loneliness for you,
I can’t quit you,
and I don’t want to make it seem like I had a corny “I was hooked on you all along” revelation,
more like the sober you outweighs the lit you,
I mean, you got me writing this while I’m staring at you in your worst of states,
if that ain’t love, I don’t know what is.

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