Addiction/Decay by Bader Shehab

Your nail polish bent light
at satisfactory fractions,
at will – playing into the night,
refracting alcoholic photons
distorting colors in a strange way;
complimenting the dying Winehouse
in an elaborate estrogen-fueled fumes,
the melodic haze fogging your aura.
I thought it was a chemical imbalance
in my mind, eyes and taste buds…
It’s believing my lie; the simulacra,
or it could be another illusion –
inside of a mirage…
But, it was the juxtaposition
of your Eastern skin,
fading into a aurora
of dreamlike patterns,
cradled me onto the truth…
The broken tungsten –
intertwined with your twilight,
well into the early hours.
The hollow and flanks
of your delicate tabletop hands,
sat under luminous;
interrogation-like sweat,
I could see the glands,
warming the air
around every finger
escaping the furnace
of our holds
into a subdued variable
onto eloping sprawls
like that of the inside of a wormhole.
And, much like the Pacific;
your presence evades tranquillity
like radio waves
of a distorted band.
And, when we hit land,
between the bedsheets;
it was like the salt deposits
on our ship’s mast,
was worthwhile: the decay.
Calcium fractures
with a half-life
of about 500-years
are on my elbows
from carrying your weight,
slipping from the lovemaking sweat
trading the fluids on our bodies,
without any breath and no rest,
the only inhales I get
are just momentary –
seconds and molecular
from protrusions –
between our interlocked lips.
That’s all the breath I needed, really.
The perfect dried crevasses –
on your lips; fit perfectly on mine
as we are split by only shells
of our beating hearts,
dehydrated while tiring to the rythm
and immediate space time disturbance.
And, when they discovered our love;
the Matrix thought it was a glitch…
Your hair sticking to your skin,
the mascara tattooing your neckline,
the fluorescent painting your curvatures,
it rains – all of it; the sweet manna dew,
Blake pictured you, Keats wrote you
and I found you…
Let’s not find the key master,
let’s fade away for a second,
and forget about everything that is true…

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