Body of Water by Anusuya Mukherjee

She was Juvia and he was Ares. Juvia would always return to her source, the body of water and Ares to war, his source of chaos.

She stood by the body of water, exhausted. It was long overdue and she knew it. She had finally stood up to it, stood up to the pain, stood up to the abuse, enough was enough! She was done. The tears had been shed, the pain had crossed its threshold. She was finally, finally free! Oh, and that freedom swept through her veins like the ocean hit its wave on the beach. Sometimes slow and steady, sometimes violent as her heart beat faster.
“What was I going to do?” she thought.
She had been in this for so long, she didn’t know who to turn to, everyone tells you to move on but no one tells you what to do after you have moved on. Like the river when it travels from city to city, shoreline to shoreline, no one tells her how to take the next step, they just tell her to keep moving.
She sat by the beach, hands clenched up, tears streaming down her eyes, it felt surreal she had finally stepped out. By now his abuse, his violence had become a habit. Something she had come to tolerate. In front of people, he would take the role of a perfect partner, the same way water changes its shape according to its vessel. He was the charmer, the people pleaser. She stood by the sidelines, unable to blend, the way oil could not blend with water.
She had friends, but he made sure she couldn’t blend, that she would start questioning her self esteem, questioning her abilities, questioning everything that she had ever believed in. he would tell her how her friends were lying to her, telling her how she couldn’t mingle in groups, how she always feel out of place and how she could only depend on him to help her blend in, just like oil and water
She had now realized she wasn’t out of place. He made her feel that she was out of place, not in sync with people. She could hang out with whoever she wanted and he would just have to be okay with it. She was like the river that touched every shoreline, she would bring joy. She would always provide help to the people who needed it, she was a source, that body of water. She would bring death and destruction, yet she would also bring peace and joy.

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