Body of Water by Haneen Alnaseem

My skin has become one with the ocean
And a river runs through my veins
I sink beneath the surface
Releasing myself from pain
My soul merges with the water
I feel the ripples on the tip of my fingers
As my heart rapidly palpitates
The rest of my body lingers

The ocean is my home now
For it holds every inch of me
Keeping me far from land
As I swim into clarity
The waves devour me
And I softly drown
Sinking slowly
As the beat of my heart slows down
As I unknowingly take another dive
Into the deep waters, I sink faster
I’m suffocating but alive
Living in the depth of disaster
Hoping to make it back to the surface
Where my breath can be released
Where the bottom of the ocean
Can no longer be reached

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