Body of Water by Shereen Abdelqader

Oh how badly I want to plunge into your deep waters
Forget about safety measures and allow myself to be engulfed
Swallowed whole
I would not worry about breathing
It is already hard to do so up here
I am a willing victim to your anemones
Hold me as captive
Ill make it home
I cannot think of a safer place to be
I do not want to waste time on shallow waters
I want to be where no human beings have been
I want to explore the secrets you keep so well hidden

Deep in the darkest parts of yourself
Where not even sunlight dares to peak
Meet all the shy creatures you dont allow to float near the surface
Get them to swim along with me
I do not want breathing distance
I got my fair share stranded on islands
And if I were to drown
So be it
I’m fully aware of the risks
I know there is only so much water a pair of lungs can hold
And if I were ever to resurface
And have them ache forever more after
I’ll know it’s not from exhaustion
But for the feeling of being filled to the brim with you

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