Goodbye by Bader Shehab

Was matter always so complicated like this? Why can’t it just be that one unified law of physics? You know like: to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. But no! It’s more or less along the lines of: to every action there is an opposite and equal Hadron reverberating to the moving mass – then the Higgs Boson, a particle that permeates all of existence. Does God reside within these finite yet infinite strings? Forever suspended between bubbles of multiverses sequencing in endless events, some repetitive – some not so much; be it a bullet train, my grip around the coffee mug, the soft touch of a baby’s head or the very breath I take. Is that ‘space’ the Matrix in its natural format per-se? Those dark spaces between the Hawking radiation and the very foundation of thermodynamics, are those occasional hiding spots for God? Until science comes along after epochs to try and find the puppeteer only for him to be gone, again? Won’t that take a million years and many civilizations to flourish and crush? Assuming we don’t encounter extinction like this one.

This device may save us. I feel like Moses only without miracles. If the GOD particle collider device can find a loophole to another world, a hole that can exit to an opposite – to the other side – then we might just have a shot. I’d ask myself: “isn’t this God’s job, to keep us all safe under his mercy and love?” But I’ve dwelled on that enough as it is. These refrigerated embryos are our only hope, Earth is hostile rather than warm and motherly instead it’s livid, dark and frigid. Full of meteor strikes, supercell thunderstorms and broken bunkers. Current human population: 158. In order for me to stop extinction and save the human race; in another world – it has to go through.

That’s inevitable and, in nature’s sick way, necessary. A way of balancing the mass of the world and its multiverses. But in the past less advanced civilizations than ours simply gave up and died. What if their death lead to our existence? What if I fail and these events that occurred; from the assembling, delivering and developing, let alone surviving and digging away from death. All are a grand-plan, an elaborate scheme of random events that led me to this power switch that may or may not answer my questions and perhaps even challenge the design of God himself, only to find out we are the very extinction itself.

Otherwise, antimatter will cancel us out, we will void out of existence in time. Our space and mass continuum will simply flash out. Like nothing there, like the next flap of a fly’s wing between each rotation a suspension of time and immediate disturbance in its respective vicinity – split seconds to a third, to two thirds, to three fourths… right there! Armageddon in its purest form in that exact moment: a complete void out and a game over. Just a simple goodbye from God.

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