Goodbye by Fahd AlSaleh

Goodbye the softest hands I ever held
Goodbye the sweetest lips I ever kissed
Goodbye the warmest embrace I ever had
Goodbye the brightest smile I ever seen
Goodbye the purest laugh I ever listened to
Goodbye the kindest person who ever lived

Goodbye to the morning hellos
Goodbye to the late-night talks
Goodbye to the longest walks
Goodbye to the best road trips
Goodbye to the urge to make you happy
Goodbye to the need to get you everything
Goodbye to planning the proposal
Goodbye to the honeymoon itinerary
Goodbye to dreaming about our future
Goodbye to the person I loved the most in this world
Goodbye to the person who didn’t love me back
Goodbye to the person I hope that will find someone they will love the same way I loved them

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