Goodbye by Hawra’a Khalfan

Farewell to my old me,
lusting for magical nights in strange places.
Goodbye to my old me,
begging to make all the mistakes I can.
I loved you with all of me
plead for you to be my one.
Claimed to have formed wholly
declared you are my self.

But now,
I tread lightly
while strolling through my memories.
Discovering these fresh streets,
while grazing the faces of
my mannequined originals,
lined year by year.
the eyeglasses I used
to live those recollections.
Wondering what’s yet to come of me
and if I will fossilize
or if this is another
truce I will bargain for
with my self.

All the while,
wiser than to claim
this is the lasting me.
All the while,
loving all the entries
in my mental discography.

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