Body of Water by Shereen Abdelqader

Oh how badly I want to plunge into your deep waters
Forget about safety measures and allow myself to be engulfed
Swallowed whole
I would not worry about breathing
It is already hard to do so up here
I am a willing victim to your anemones
Hold me as captive
Ill make it home
I cannot think of a safer place to be
I do not want to waste time on shallow waters
I want to be where no human beings have been
I want to explore the secrets you keep so well hidden

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Body of Water by Amira Sheikh

A waterfall, through the rocks, it tumbles
My love for you, collapsing, but perpetual
In a series of cascades, it rumples
leading the way to valley of hope, as usual
Mending your scars, healing your sores
by touching every inch of your skin
As a longed raindrop that pours
ending the drought and letting spring begin
You rushed me in your arms, my heavy wave
that surrendered this yearning shore
You kissed my soul but swept away
promising return, leaving me wanting more
Standing by, eagerly anticipating
discerning my wave’s arrival to this bay
But the more I felt you close, you were fading
You were just a mirage, to my dismay.

Body of Water by Anusuya Mukherjee

She was Juvia and he was Ares. Juvia would always return to her source, the body of water and Ares to war, his source of chaos.

She stood by the body of water, exhausted. It was long overdue and she knew it. She had finally stood up to it, stood up to the pain, stood up to the abuse, enough was enough! She was done. The tears had been shed, the pain had crossed its threshold. She was finally, finally free! Oh, and that freedom swept through her veins like the ocean hit its wave on the beach. Sometimes slow and steady, sometimes violent as her heart beat faster. Continue reading

Gold by Shereen Abdelqader

I love to wake up extra early on weekend mornings
To witness her special rises
I peak my head through the door
And wonder what’s the weather like today
Somedays she’d smile at my presence
Rays so bright and warm
Roses blossoming at her cheeks
Her voice serenading my approach
I wish I could collect these moments in jars and save them for rainy days
Rainy days that are blue and gloomy
Yet still warm

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Gold by Bader Shehab

I love it when both streaks of your hairs fall over your shoulders almost involuntarily. We’re drunk dancing on a sidewalk with probably the same record of The Cranberries playing over and over again. I’d take my shirt off and do handstands on a frozen lake, just to see your smile with a warm steam fuming this winter. Help one another climb up a bark tree, then I’d hold you in my arms wrapping you into me and dive back first onto a bed of autumn leaves. Slide down the vert ramp at a skate park and when we’re bored of that we break into a water park at night and get chased out by angry security. Kiss you in the back of that “open late hours” pizzeria. I like it when a strand of your hair gets caught between our lips. Continue reading

Addiction/Decay by Shereen Abdulqader

She paces, back and forth, too afraid to go in, to see him again. She fears being reminded of what she has done.
Not that she could ever forget, the darkness that haunts her, the nightmares that break her from her flimsy sleep, peace refusing to visit her; but seeing him back in person will only tighten the knot in her stomach she’d been carrying ever since.
She pauses, her back to the door, pushing down the feeling of queasiness. She spins around in a moment of courage and madness, grips the handle. Hesitates.
She snatches her hand back as if she’d touched fire and brings it up to her face. Her front teeth resting on the nail of her thumb. The dread boiling within her is in a tug war with longing.
Longing to see his face one more time, to see him.

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Addiction/Decay by Bader Shehab

Your nail polish bent light
at satisfactory fractions,
at will – playing into the night,
refracting alcoholic photons
distorting colors in a strange way;
complimenting the dying Winehouse
in an elaborate estrogen-fueled fumes,
the melodic haze fogging your aura.
I thought it was a chemical imbalance
in my mind, eyes and taste buds…
It’s believing my lie; the simulacra,
or it could be another illusion – Continue reading

Addiction/Decay by Ali Alshammari

You were so beautiful, I just couldn’t see it,
a vision in a low-cut top doing god know’s what off of the bathroom sink,
you were always too cool for me,
funnily enough, it wasn’t I who shot out of my league,
you came down to my lowly plain like rainwater setting my inhibitions free,
your inhibitions, however, were a little too unshackled I’d come to find,
I’d accompany you wherever you went,
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Sun/Moon by Amira Sheikh

“It’s hideous from up close”, “It’s a giant silver blob of dust”, “Like an orb of alloy”.
But it was just as beautiful as I imagined it to be.
The shimmering halo was closer to me than ever, gleaming in that pitch black, lonely sky. I could count the infamous and giant craters, surrounded by thousands of tinier ones, with their rims raised high, creating concave hollow pits. That’s where I was going to be standing tall in a few minutes, holding the flag up high while my country watches me with pride. This must be the euphoria that they keep talking about. Few minutes and I will be living my life long dream.
A loud bang struck and so did I into reality.

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Sun/Moon by Shereen Abdelqader

I remember the first time we shook hands
My palms came back covered in moon dust
And something within my soul reached for you
Something within me recognized the familairty
The serenity
Like ancient pieces fitting back together after centuries of being apart
The red thread around my pinky felt like it hung loose and short
No longer being pulled tight by distance
And when you first called me sunshine
I thought you recognized it too

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Sun/Moon by Bader Shehab

Spanish-style dwellings flanking the tile flooring, horseshoes echoing perfectly under the attic as steroids-infused steads walk so gracefully while bleeding from the nose – it’s my lucky day at the track. They, inside sources connected to powerful cartel jefes, claimed number 7 and 3 are juiced to the gills and I’m putting down a good ten grand on each because to hell with my probation officer, ex-wife and prison councilor they were all wrong. The cold corona seems to facilitate the sweat across the flower-patterned shirt but it’s my khaki shorts that took the most beating. Apparently, one of the golfer’s escorts had the evil eye. That or the devil got poor number 7 he tripped face-first at the initial turn, Jesus… The number 3 horse, on the other hand, came in second – looks like I’m drinking myself to sleep in the afternoon again.  Continue reading

Corruption by Hawra’a Khalfan

She hugged her growing belly tight with her palms, _I can’t wait to meet you._ She smiled, as her baby responded with the sweetest little kick, as if to say “Me too.”

Her mind drifted to her own mother and all the fading memories she has of her. The only ones that haven’t faded are the ones of her mother fighting for her. The unconditional support she always kissed into her pores. She sat at her writing desk, thought of all the wishes and dreams she has for her little girl, and began:

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Corruption by Bader Shehab

Many people know me, but it still gets kinda lonely. Not the stars that shoot my name or the camera flashes that authenticate the lines  on my forehead. Or that perfect area where I rest my hand as we slow dance with my co-starlet at the ball to a film premiere ever gave me a seldom feeling of belonging. Sometimes, I’d wander into a room and just like that – I’m the life of a party. The cheers, the laughter, the powder and the selfies. Valley girls doing body shots and popping mollies; oh it got pretty crazy. Over the smog and the mirage of North Irvine hills it got me all hazy. 

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